Avery entered the drag scene in January of 2004 in Boston, MA. He was living in a part of Boston called Allston; so his original name was Avery Allston. When he moved to Austin, TX later that year, it was an obvious and easy transition from the last name Allston to Austin. He immediately joined Austin’s premiere drag king troupe, “Kings ‘N Things”; having researched the scene before making the move. He spent 8 years as a member of “KNT”, playing several roles in the troupe’s Board of Directors. Through the drag scene, he met Ken LasVegas a few times over the years and was thrilled to be accepted with open arms by Ken and the DC Kings when he moved to DC in 2011.

Avery has been known since the beginning for his dramatic flair (as well as his bow ties and suspenders). He loves to perform numbers from musicals and has taken advantage of the vast repertoire provided by the show Glee. He enjoys group numbers and pieces with a plot or story to tell.

Avery celebrated his 10 year anniversary of being a drag king in January, 2014. Performing has been such an important part of his life and he is grateful for any opportunity to share his passion with an audience.