Chaser Round comes to us from the country. No place in particular, both everywhere and nowhere. Born Kicking and screaming to a coal miner’s daughter and a family man, Chaser has never been able to sit still. At the tender age of 15 he got on a Greyhound bound for nowhere in search of wide open spaces in the world.

While he had Georgia on his mind, our highway man was born to fly and hit the red dirt road to boot scootin boogie his way to the DC Kings in 2011. While on the road again, Chaser earned a workin mans Ph.D at and worked 9 to five as a grave digger, gambler, bartender, and even served on the Harper Valley PTA.

Along the way he was amazed to witness all the American beauty such as the Whiskey River, old Alabama, Amarillo by morning, a Mississippi cotton pickin delta town, Kentucky rain and the church on Cumberland Road.

Sorry ladies, this country bumpkin has the lovesick blues and is roped and hitched. With just a kiss Chaser was lost in a love story. Wild horses couldn’t tear him away from his fancy American honey redneck girl, Jolene, and has made her the happiest girl in the whole USA. If you think he’d D-I-V-O-R-C-E her you are crazy.

While Chaser is country to the core he has been exploring the other sides of music by putting twists on the likes of Justin Bieber and Neon Trees.

“Life is a highway busy with noise, unrest and distraction. But every mile is a memory so I try my best to get mud on my tires, pop a top, tip it back and thank God I’m a country boy.”

*A prize goes to anyone who can find the 44 country music song titles.