Though his birthplace is unknown, Diego has travelled from continent to continent absorbing music and culture. Diego believes that we are not all that different and that, as long as a number has passion, it can transcend any language and any culture.

Diego is mostly know for performing very musically eclectic numbers, that range from flamenco, bhangra, classic rock and even opera.In his five year run as a DC King,he has performed at Chaos, Apex and Phase 1.

He has also collaborated internationally with other drag kings in Florence, London and Rome. He has also been featured as a finalist in the Florence Queer Film Festival for two consecutive years, the F>M Photography Exhibit by Enrica Quaranta and various festivals. Diego still continues to perform at least monthly in the DC area.

Influences: Joaquin Cort├ęs, Marc Bolan
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Hobbies: Gun fighting, flamenco dancing and he also works the vineyards during the fall.