Ken started performing as a drag king (in public) in December 1996. All those teen age years of playing music and lip syncing (on video in his suburban room) paid off in an unexpected way.

Once he hit the stage (at the Dyke March’s Drag King contest fundraiser) and was well received from the audience and judges. He was hooked on being a Drag King and has been performing ever since.

Carlos Auguilar (owner of club Chaos) asked Ken if would be interested in producing a Drag King show after seeing Ken perform “La Vida Loca” at Capitol Pride,

At the time there was a only a handful of drag kings and the general public did not know what Drag Kings were, so Ken felt that he needed to change that. With the encouragement of Queer Activist and friend, Cheryl A. Spector (aka Dick Hurtz) Ken was convinced that it was worth the effort in trying to establish a Drag King community in DC.

In March 2000 the DC Kings was born with their very 1st monthly (1st Wednesday) show.

In 2001 Apex asked the DC Kings to join their Saturday night party.

In May 2008 Bebar opened their doors for our Be:XX Wednesday night parties.

In 2001 Ken produced the Great Big International Drag King show to bring the world’s best drag kings to DC at the Black Cat. The event was so successful that the 9:30 club opened their doors to welcome the growing number of Drag King fans from all over the globe. The Great big continued for 7 consecutive years and ended in 2007 with the best Great Big ever! He dreams of one day bringing back a Great Big to DC…

In February 2005 the Phase welcomed us into their establishment for 2nd Sundays (which is still going strong).
Angela Lombardi, Senait, Anton Lestrange, VA, Stacy L., and crew have been amazing to work with and have been instrumental in creating a wonderful community space for us. Thank you so much for making Phase 1 our home.

Each club gave a unique stage and audience to perform in front of and the DC Kings are very grateful to the owners and bar managers that have worked with us to make our king shows a great place to perform.

Over 250+ Drag Kings have graced the DC King stage and Ken is always excited to welcome new kings to the group. His passion is to have everyone feel accepted and loved for who they are and to encourage them to be their fabulous and powerful selves. Ken’s endless dedication to the kings has made him extremely happy and grateful for such an amazing community of wonderful people.

Ken is looking forward to the future of the DC Kings and to witness the continued growth of our awesome King Family.

To see Ken perform on YOUTUBE, please check out this link: KEN VEGAS VIDEOS