Enzo is a smooth talking cool cavalier with a flair for the old world style with a modern day twist. Like fine wine, Enzo knows that all the best ladies improve with time and he’s more than happy take a taste.

While his first performance, he shared the stage with Shane Diesel, Enzo now is a proud member of the DC King Troupe as a King in his own right.

This king loves the classics in life, vintage porn, the scent of fine leather and the touch of a beautiful woman. Enzo likes his cars fast, his gin sloe and his passion on fire.

After seeing his first King show 6 years ago at Chaos, Enzo knew that his place was to be on stage making women go from “Don’t! Stop!” to ” DON’T STOP!”

If you need some spice in your life, come see Enzo light up the stage but only if you can handle the heat.