Born under the thumb of an Ohio State Buckeye, and raised in the State of Virginia, Osiris grew up a little bit harder than the rest of the kids. As the eldest child in the family (by 2 minutes), he was forced to constantly prove he was toughest, biggest, and brashest of the brood. After escaping the mainstream at the ripe age of 18, Osiris discovered his purpose in life: ALWAYS keep the crowds guessing. He has since gone on to become one of the more dominant & quirky men in his circle of friends. You can often find him hanging out with his twin sister Morganna Dimone, or his best buddies Roxz Triple X Cox, and Logan Jax. His boisterous alpha-male gyrations keep the girls guessing and his seductive eyes keep them coming back for more.

Hair: black as midnight & slick as a guido
Eyes: brilliant Electric light blue (his signature)
Birthplace: a bath tub
Special qualities: playing with fire, riding bulls, & swallowing hot wax
Prized possesion: his black cat

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Favorite past-time: Hitting the pub with his blokes
Favorite colors: Black & Red
Favorite drink: Strongbow