Welcome to The World of Drag Kinging

Thank you for your interest in learning about the fine art of Drag Kinging.
We hope that you have fun with us while learning how to develop your character, and transform yourself into a Drag King.

What is a Drag King?
The term drag king is sometimes used in a broader sense, to include female-bodied people who dress in traditionally masculine clothing for other reasons. This usage includes women temporarily attempting to pass as men and women who wish to present themselves in a masculine gender role without identifying as a man. Some transmen also self-identify as drag kings.
Regardless of how you identify, exploring being a Drag King is your own personal journey.

Why be a Drag King?
There are many reasons to explore being a Drag King.

Drag is:
_ Fun
_ Empowering
_ Sexy
_ Political
_ Decide for yourself what it is for you!

Personal Development:
Now it’s time for your to develop your own Drag King Persona
_ Pick a Drag King Name

(Look at DRAG KING NAMES for inspiration from the Drag King Names registry and chose your own 3 versions of your king name you may want to try)

First Name______________________ Last Name______________________
First Name______________________ Last Name______________________
First Name______________________ Last Name______________________
TIPS: Pick a name that sounds good to you. One that is unique and memorable. Make it easy to read and pronouce.
It can be playful like: John Shaft, Justin Sane, Ben Dover, Ivan Beatinov etc…

Is your King one or a mixture of these kinds of guys?

Sexy Stylish Guy Who Charms the Ladies
The Jock/Stud
Frat Boy
The Raver Boy
Business Man
The Hippy
Latin Lover/Italian Stallion
The Punk
The Prep
Sports Fanatic
Gothic Guy
The 70’s Sleezeball
Gigolo/Lady’s Man
Hardcore Biker
Religious Man
Gender Blender who fancies dresses, ties and glitter combat boots?

What kind of persona inspires you?
Observe all kinds of men, from celebrities to the local dudes hanging out at your local coffee shop.
Check out:
• facial hair
• body posture
• clothing
• shoes
• jewelry
• hair style
• attitude

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